Pathologic 2 EGM Interviews


I basically do not use this site anymore except as some kind of big, unwieldy archive (which hopefully I’ll fix at some point), but I wanted to at least post this one for posterity. Interviews are, I’ve discovered, extremely hard. Writing an essay with interviews on a game dense enough to wrangle a whole book out of is even harder. So I’m proud of this one! It’s the most complicated thing I’ve yet worked on.

That’s it, really. I interviewed some of the folks who worked on Pathologic 2 and peppered a big treatise on why the game is brilliant around their quotes. Ivan and Alexandra gave wonderful, insightful answers and I’m grateful they were so generous with their time. I wish I could have fit in everything they told me (though I did my best), and I’m excited for whatever they go on to make.

A Russian Crucible: Pathologic 2 and the Problem of Video Game Difficulty